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  1. What makes a good therapy room?
  2. Can you build your own garden room?
  3. How much does a garden room cost?
  4. Does a garden room add value to a house?
  5. Do I need insurance to run a business?
  6. Get started with your garden therapy room

Many people have heard about the joys of running a business from home, and starting a health and wellness business at home in a garden therapy room is an achievable dream.

A garden therapy room is an eco-friendly, sustainable space for healing. The soothing green surroundings of your garden will make the therapy room a perfect place to provide health and wellness services, and having clients visit you in your home will enable you to potentially save a fortune on renting an office.

Whether you want to offer massage therapy, reflexology, reiki healing, or any other type of treatment, a garden therapy room is adaptable and can offer the space you need.

Starting a Health and Wellness Business at home in a Garden Therapy Room

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What makes a good therapy room?

There are a few key things you need to have in your garden therapy room, but the first is space. Whether you’re going for massage therapy, reflexology, reiki healing or any other type of treatment, there needs to be enough space for clients to either lie down on an appropriate mat or sit comfortably with enough space around them for you to move comfortably.

An ideal garden therapy room is one where there’s a sense of calm. You can do this by incorporating plants, light and colour into your space to give it the atmosphere you want for both clients and yourself. This could be done through different colours in rugs on the floor or wall hangings that match the décor.

Log cabin therapy rooms need to be treated like a home and not just an office. This means you need to think about what will make your space comfortable for clients and also how it would work as part of the garden therapy room experience from their own perspective.

When working out of your log cabin therapy room, you’ll have to remember that you’re still there to make other people feel good. This means that your garden therapy room needs to be inviting and relaxing for clients and be a place where you can work comfortably.

With our log cabin therapy rooms, being connected to the electricity and water mains is possible, making it simple to include separate areas in your therapy room, such as a kitchen and bathroom. While it may not seem that important for delivering your services, being able to wash your hands, make a cuppa, or even use the toilet without having to retreat to the main house is highly beneficial!

This highlights one of the most valuable aspects of a garden therapy room – it provides a separate space for you to work. While you could provide the service from a room in your home, having a dedicated area enhances the feeling of relaxation and allows you to keep all the equipment and products you require close by. You won’t need to worry about family members interrupting or “borrowing” anything!

Can you build your own garden room?

We provide a complete service for building your log cabin therapy room, from design to foundations (where necessary) to finished product. Alternatively, we can provide the materials that allow you to construct the log cabin from scratch, but this may be a step too far if you are inexperienced in constructing log cabins.

Our team are helpful, friendly, and professional, so whatever you need from your garden therapy room, we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

What makes a good therapy room

How much does a garden room cost?

The cost of building a garden therapy room varies depending on the size of the structure and the features you want to include. A small and basic log cabin starts at around €3,200 for just the building, but larger cabins may be more suitable for your therapy room. It all depends on your exact requirements.

Additional costs will include connecting the building to the water supply and electricity. Once your cabin is built, the interior will need flooring and decorating, while the outside may require painting.

Does a garden room add value to a house?

Building a garden room can undoubtedly add value to your house. Extra indoor space is always beneficial, and with your garden therapy room being an entirely separate structure, the scope for potential future buyers is broad.

When your garden room has been built professionally and designed to stand the test of time, even more benefit is gained – it looks visually attractive, adding to the curb appeal and creating a greater opportunity to enhance the value of your home.

A garden therapy room is a valuable asset as it is an appealing space to spend time in and provides the extra space that many families crave.

Does a garden room add value to a house

Do I need insurance to run a business?

While business insurance is always preferable, not everyone considers purchasing it. However, it is vitally important that you seek professional advice for insurance when you have clients visiting your home, even if it is in a separate garden log cabin therapy room.

Nobody expects the worst to happen, but it is better to ensure that you are protected right from the very start. Business insurance can be inexpensive, but it is difficult to assess what insurance you need accurately without knowing your exact intentions for your business.

It is always in your best interest to consult with an insurance professional to determine what cover is needed for the services you intend to provide.

How much does a garden room cost

Get started with your garden therapy room

Running a business from home with a garden therapy room can be an excellent way to provide health and wellness services without breaking the bank. Get in touch with us today to discover more about how we can help you get started with log cabins Scotland recommends, that is perfect for your needs.