Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Keep Your Family Close During These Challenging Times

Taking care of your family members may pose somewhat of a problem in these challenging times. It’s difficult to look after those who most need your support when you can’t even get close to them, but a Granny Annexe log cabin is one solution that can help.

The convenience of a log cabin in your garden means you don’t need to travel any distance to provide help and support when it is needed, and you can “keep an eye” on those older members of your family. Because of the likely usage of the log cabin granny annexe, some design considerations will need to be made. Handrails and ramps may need to be incorporated depending on the mobility of the intended resident (or residents).

Independence is often important as people get older, and a granny annexe will provide this but with the benefit of close family being nearby. A log cabin can be connected to mains services, so electricity, heating, and plumbing are all available. This means your turnkey log cabin granny annexe can include kitchen facilities, a bathroom, and every modern convenience needed to make it a great place to live.

Can I build a granny annexe in my back garden?

Can I build a granny annexe in my back garden?

If you own the property or have a mortgage on it, it is very likely that you can indeed build a granny annexet in your back garden. Planning permission may be required (see below) but in general, there should be no issue.

If you rent your home, you will need to discuss any changes like this with your landlord.



Does a granny annexe add value to your home?

Any material addition to your home is likely to add value, for example, a garage, extension, etc. A granny annexe will add value due to the permanence of the structure, along with its functionality. If nothing else, it can be considered an extension to the basic living space, providing extra rooms to live in.

The value added will be determined by the size and types of rooms in the granny annexe. In most cases, the log cabin could be easily converted into a home office, a home gym, or a games room, all of which would attract the widest range of buyers and thereby increase the value of your home. The bigger the space, the greater the potential increase in value.

Why choose a log cabin granny annexe from Loghouse?

Our experienced Loghouse log cabin design team can create a granny annexe that is an ideal solution for your family should you not choose one of our standard cabins, and we can help you obtain planning permission wherever it is needed.

Each cabin is built to a very high specification from sustainable pine which means that there will be no detrimental effect on the environment when you choose to build a granny annexe. We back our cabins with two guarantees: first, we guarantee our cabins are the best price in the UK log cabin market; second, we offer a 10-year structural guarantee for your peace of mind.

Ensure that your family members are safe during even the most difficult times with a granny annexe log cabin from Loghouse.

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