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Log Cabin & Log Homes Frequently Asked Questions2021-05-25T13:35:36+01:00
Do I need planning permission for my log cabin?2021-07-23T13:58:22+01:00

You’ve always known what your log cabin should be like? You know how many rooms should be there, and how they should be connected? And you finally decided to follow your dreams and order a log cabin to be built. But now you’re facing a question of whether you can be the only one to decide on the plan of the log cabin or should it be approved by the local authorities?

In general, any “development” – that is, construction of a building, engineering work, mining work, etc. – will require planning permission, but there are exceptions for “permitted development.” Your local council’s planning department will be able to give you the definitive answer on what counts as a permitted development. Still, certain types of home extension and garden rooms are usually permitted without directly requiring planning permission.

Please keep in mind that Loghouse only provides the log cabin you requested and is not responsible for planning permission, which is the customer’s responsibility. However, we would be happy to assist in providing you with contacts of professionals who have been helping our customers for years.

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Why should I choose a log cabin?2021-05-25T14:24:27+01:00

Log cabins have recently become very popular all around the world, from Europe to North America. The choices are endless concerning design and look. Compared to alternative products the price of a log cabin is rather inexpensive. How is that possible you might ask?

If you have a quick look at our product offering, you will notice that there are many options to choose from. Office cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin holiday homes and much more. Another advantage is that you’re the one who decides not only on the planning of the log cabin, but also on the shape and size of the windows and thickness of the walls. Your log cabin can be anything you need, fully adapted to your requirements making your life as comfortable as it has never been before.

Another reason for the popularity of log is that they are usually more attractive than featureless brick. Much less ground preparation is required which means it can be completed in a significantly shorter timeframe.

Stylish, comfortable, inexpensive, fast and lasting for generations. What else can you wish for? Office Log Cabins amongst others are the way to go

How can I heat my log cabin?2021-05-25T14:21:55+01:00

In choosing a log cabin as a residential log home or holiday log cabin our customers face the question of how they will heat it. Is it safe to use standard means of heating the cabin? Which way ensures the cabin keeps warm the longest? Is there any particular way of heating that is good enough for log cabins despite of the purpose they’re used for and the planning they have?

All these questions are very important to us as they address two of the priority concerns of our company, the comfort and safety of our customers. That is why while planning and constructing log cabins for sale we ensure by their makeup our log cabins are easy to heat and any conventional form of heating will be sufficient to ensure you can enjoy your time in a comfortable and warm log cabin any time of the year. We would also point out that most of our customers prefer to use small storage heaters in their Loghouse log cabins as the cabins get warm quicker and the heat stays longest. They’re also economical and safe.

How is the roof of our log cabins constructed?2021-05-25T14:20:06+01:00

At Loghouse we believe that one of the most important decisions in the design of your log cabin is the roof. It should be reliable and protect from strong Irish winds and rain keeping the log cabin warm and dry. This is why our choice is a bituminous roof shingle on top of either a timber roof or a timber roof with optional insulation. All our standard log cabins for sale are constructed with the use of this technology although there are other roofing options available as well for an additional charge.

If you want to purchase a bespoke log cabin designed specifically for you, our professional team will be glad to consult you on the roofing options we can offer and would be suitable for your garden office, summer log cabin or residential log cabin. Different roofing options can be recommended based on the area where your log cabin will be used as well as depending on the local climate. You can choose either inexpensive or higher-priced options but we will guarantee the roof will serve you for years saving your new log cabin from bad weather.

How is the log cabin timber treated?2021-05-25T14:17:03+01:00

We pay special attention to the quality of the material used in all our log cabins; our team design the model and size to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. We pay special attention to your needs and queries you might have, offering our network of professionals whose assistance you might need after you choose and purchase your log cabin.

We can guarantee all the log cabins presented on our website are of high quality. Our experts make sure throughout all stages of construction they are completed according to the highest level of quality with no concession to the timber’s integrity. We always bear in mind the weather conditions in which our log cabins will be built. Because of this all our base bearers are pressure treated to ensure long life in the damp Irish climate. The cabin timber is fully kiln dried to 17 – 18%

Log cabin maintenance, what does it require?2021-05-25T14:14:23+01:00

You have purchased the log cabin. You now require advice on the maintenance of the model you have purchased, and we are more than willing to offer it. It is important to understand that the life expectancy of any log cabin seriously depends on how it is treated by the owner. It is also important to understand that any timber cabin, whatever the size, requires special maintenance to ensure it stays like new and serves for generations.

One of the main recommendations is to use a quality, tested paint or stain from one of our recommended manufacturers. The exterior of the log is where the protection starts. Most of our partners strongly recommend that you should consider re-varnishing the purchased cabin at least every five-six years. This simple but yet extremely effective action helps to keep your log cabin look new, and also protects the timber from further wear and tear.

How long does a log cabin last?2021-05-25T14:12:43+01:00

Before making a decision to buy a log cabin it might be a good idea to do a bit of research on the subject. There are numerous log cabin materials that log cabins are made of, and the answers to the ultimate questions might differ depending on your needs and desires.

We at Loghouse realise that a log cabin is an investment you expect to serve you for as long as possible, and that is why the modern log homes we offer are constructed to ensure it lasts at least two – three generations.

Depending on the log cabin models and materials there are small secrets we’re willing to share with you to help you enjoy your purchase for a long time. When you make up your mind on the log cabin you would like to purchase, we are more than happy to provide you with the list of recommendations of how it should be properly treated and maintained to ensure it stays a comfortable and convenient place to stay and use for years.

Will it be possible to get insurance for my log cabin?2021-05-25T14:10:13+01:00

At Loghouse we understand that the question of your security is paramount, and we guarantee that you will be able to get insurance for any log cabin model our company has on sale. There are interesting and attractive offers from numerous companies on fully comprehensive insurance both on the structure and contents of any log cabin model.

We highly value your time and efforts and that is why we are ready to recommend you several insurance brokers who offer best the best deal on both the structure and contents insurance. Our managers will be glad to provide you with the contact details and even give you a consultation what these companies normally offer. We believe that this will help you to narrow your options and help you choose the one that is right for you.

We not only sell log cabins in Ireland, we also provide the highest level of customer service and ensure your enquiries related to the purchase are all answered.

Is it possible to order a custom log cabin?2021-05-25T14:08:24+01:00

One of the main beliefs of our business is that our customers enjoy their experience with our log cabins. We have a great variety of small log cabins, one-bedroom log cabins as well as large log homes, four-bedroom log homes, or even two floor log cabins. Our engineers and interior designers have made designed numerous log cabins of all different kind, specifically designed for small or big families who are willing to live there through the year or during summer holidays. We understand how important it is for our customers to feel at home in our log cabins. This is why we are always there for you to change the standard plans as per your request, or even design a unique log home specifically for you. All you need to do is to contact our managers and describe the log cabin you would like to live in. ‘You Name It – We Make It’ is one of our favorite statements.

When you build a log cabin what wall thicknesses do you offer?2021-05-25T14:06:51+01:00

We offer numerous log home models that can be constructed with different wall thickness depending on your requirements and choice. When you make this choice it is very important to keep in mind what you plan on using the log cabin for. If you were looking for a summer cabin, relatively thin walls would be fine. On the contrary, if you were purchasing a residential log home, such as a