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  1. What are SIPs used for?
  2. Are SIPs load bearing?
  3. Are SIPs cheaper?
  4. How long do SIP panels last?
  5. How do you build an outdoor room?
  6. How much is a garden room?
  7. How do you create an outdoor living space on a budget?
  8. Can you sleep in a garden room?
  9. Are SIPs worth it?

Outdoor rooms built with SIPS – Structural Insulated Panels – are becoming more popular, which has left many people wondering what the benefits of SIPs are. A thoroughly modern building material, they are an ideal solution for erecting a building quickly while providing strength and insulation very easily.

SIPs can be created from a variety of materials, but always follow the same pattern. They are constructed like a sandwich with the two outer layers being made of some kind of structural board, with the rigid interior acting as insulation.

The structural board can be cement, plywood, sheet metal, or other materials, while the interior can be a variety of polystyrene foam (such as EPS or XPS), composite honeycomb, or similar insulating materials.


What are SIPs used for?

SIPs are used to construct buildings and outdoor rooms, and in many instances, the major benefits of SIPs are the great insulation properties (keeping the outdoor room cool in summer and warm in winter) and the speed and ease of construction.

SIPs can be used for many different parts of the construction of an outdoor room, from foundation systems upwards. Common uses include using SIPs as exterior walls, roofing material, and floors.

Are SIPs load bearing?

Because of their clever construction, SIPs can indeed be load-bearing. Any load that is placed on the SIP is transferred to the ground via the outer layer, so the main factor to consider is the strength of the layer in comparison to the load being placed upon it. For the construction of outdoor rooms, this has already been considered by the designer.

Are SIPs cheaper?

While SIPs provide a convenient method of constructing buildings, convenience is not the only consideration when erecting outdoor rooms. The cost is always a factor and as far as the raw materials go, SIPs may cost more than other construction materials.

However, that’s not the end of the story. Overall, building an outdoor room with SIPs will cost a similar amount to erecting a building with a wooden frame due to the reduced amount of labour required – the construction time is reduced by using SIPs and there is less waste to clear up after the work has been completed.

Due to the great insulation properties of SIPs, the amount of heating and cooling required in the outdoor room will be reduced over the course of a year, and less powerful equipment will need to be installed to facilitate this.

This can lead to an overall reduction in costs, meaning that one of the benefits of SIPs can be a reduced cost that compounds year after year.


How long do SIP panels last?

SIP panels used with the construction of an outdoor home will last a long time. Scandinavian buildings have been constructed with SIPs for over 100 years and still stand today, so with the proper care and maintenance, your outdoor room built with SIPs should remain in good condition for a very long time.

Some studies have shown that with SIPs used for roofing, their average lifespan is just 1 or 2 years less than traditional slate roofing, which should give you an idea of the longevity and durability of SIPs.

How do you build an outdoor room?

There are many construction techniques that allow the creation of outdoor rooms, including log cabins and buildings created with SIPs. The simplest way to build an outdoor room is to get professional help. That way, you can be certain that the foundations and footings will be designed to support the room, and that the resulting building is finished to a high standard.

Outdoor rooms can benefit from all modern conveniences including electricity, plumbing, heating, and lighting. At Loghouse we specialise in creating outdoor rooms that fit your needs and lifestyle and offer a range of standard options created from an assortment of materials.We also have a friendly design team that can help you get the best out of the space you have available. With years of experience behind us, we’re certain we can create outdoor rooms that you’ll love and enjoy for many years to come.

How much is a garden room?

The cost of a garden room will vary depending on the size and features you require. You can view our Eco Garden Rooms page to get an idea of the cost – at the time of publishing this blog post, 4m x3m garden room starts at £12,499 including VAT. Decoration of the interior and exterior can be added, as can the option for connecting electrics and installing plumbing.

How do you create an outdoor living space on a budget?

The overall cost can be lower than the cost of an extension to your home and provides a much more flexible space for you to use. All our outdoor rooms are built to high specifications and include double glazing as standard. There may be lower cost options available, but we believe that our outdoor rooms provide great value for money due to their longevity.

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Can you sleep in a garden room?

You can use your garden room in any way you choose, from a garden office pod to a home gym, from a creative studio to a simple space to relax. Sleeping in your garden room is an option as it is just like any other room in your home, as long as it’s for occasional use by you or your guests to sleep in

Your garden room will be built on land that you own, and so there is no issue at all with your choice to sleep in a garden room.


Are SIPs worth it?

The benefits of SIPs are numerous, so they are certainly worth it. They offer a huge reduction in construction time, enhanced insulation, strength, and longevity. The construction of the panels helps to prevent the growth of mould and may also reduce noise from outside.

This makes SIPs a great material to build with, to live in, and to relax in. Yes, SIPs are definitely worth it!

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