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  1. What are the benefits of a Log Cabin Office?
  2. What are the Benefits of a Log Cabin Garden Room?
  3. Is a garden room office a good idea?
  4. How much does a garden office cost?
  5. Do you need planning permission for a garden office?
  6. Can I rent out my garden office?
  7. Why Build an Office Garden Room?

Have you ever wondered if it would be better to rent an office or build a garden office? Many people have recently discovered what it’s like to work from home, and having a space to call your own can be important – but what about people who want to establish and grow their own business?

The first thing to establish is what you want to do within your workspace. If the answer is “a lot,” then you will appreciate the flexibility a garden office can offer. Whether you require more space, want to save money, or want to avoid commuting, a garden office might be a better choice than taking the more traditional route of renting an office.


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What are the benefits of a Log Cabin Office?

A garden office offers a lot of freedom compared with a rented office. First and foremost, you are close to your home by default, which means there is zero travel time to get to the office. If you work with clients who visit your office, this can be particularly helpful – you’ll never be late for a meeting!

Because the garden office is a change of location, you’ll feel like you’ve gone to work. This can be an important psychological factor in getting work done. If you use a room within your home to work from, it may still feel like you are “at home”, and it can be challenging to focus.

Working in an office in your garden can help you feel more relaxed, giving you the best chance of producing your best work. The stress-reducing factor of being in a garden is immense. If you live in a home with neighbours who share walls, you can easily find that your garden log cabin office may not only provide you with the best environment for creativity or productivity but also gives you the privacy you need.

Garden office log cabins also offer a lot of versatility and flexibility. The interior can be designed as you choose, including space for a kitchen and bathroom. A rented office may offer a fixed layout that you have to work with, whereas a garden room office will be customized to your needs. This makes it ideal for getting the layout you need.

If you are looking to save money, garden rooms have minimal ongoing maintenance costs to consider. The most significant investment is the upfront cost of the building (which can be financed if you meet the eligibility requirements), and once it is paid, the garden room office is 100% yours. With a rented office, there is a requirement for payment to be made every month, and at the end of your time renting, you no longer have access to the office.

A garden log cabin office is yours forever, and even if you don’t use it as an office, there are many other ways such a structure can be used. From a home gym to simply somewhere to sit and relax, a playroom for the kids or a place for relatives to stay, your new garden room office can become almost anything you want.



How much value does a garden office add to a property?

Does a garden office increase house value? Yes, a a home office in your garden can add a lot of value to your property. Firstly, the basic cost of the office can be considered, which will add value. As it essentially creates an extra room (or several rooms) for your home, it adds value because of the usable space available to potential future owners.

Secondly, a home office in your garden may also increase the appeal of your home, as it provides a working space in a garden environment that many people are looking for in their homes. The more appealing your home is, the more people will be interested in buying it – the more potential buyers, the better the price you can achieve!

Is a garden room office a good idea?

A log cabin as a garden office is a fantastic idea for people who need a dedicated space to work or simply need more space in their home.  It is also a good idea for those who want to save money and commute less.

If it’s a choice between renting an office or building a home office in your garden, a garden room office will offer a lot more freedom – and you can even work overnight if you need to. Some rented offices will require a building to be opened up by the owner, but there are no such issues when you have your own log cabin office.

How much does a garden office cost?

The total cost of a garden home office will depend on the size of the building, the materials it is built from, and whether you require design services and/or construction services.

At Loghouse, we offer a complete service from start to finish, and we can even create custom garden rooms for you. As an indication of price, our basic log cabins start at around £3,800, while our Eco Garden Rooms start at around £12,499. Both types of buildings can be used as home offices, and the choice is entirely yours. We are happy to advise on the suitability of each type of building for your intended purposes.


Do you need planning permission for a garden office?

In general, any “development” – that is, construction of a building, engineering work, mining work, etc. – will require planning permission, but there are exceptions for “permitted development.” Your local council’s planning department will be able to give you the definitive answer on what counts as a permitted development. Still, certain types of home extension and garden rooms are usually permitted without directly requiring planning permission.

The planning rules are set by your local authority and so may vary slightly from area to area. This means it is always worth checking with the planning office as to whether you need planning permission for any structure built on your land.

Can I rent out my garden home office?

It is possible to rent out your garden office, but you will need permission from the local authority to do so. Always check first, as you may need planning permission due to this being considered a change of use, potentially from private/own usage to commercial usage.

Why build an Office Garden Room?

Garden home offices offer a serene and cosy feeling that is unmatched by traditional office spaces. Add in the convenience and flexibility available from a building within your own garden, and you’ll soon discover that a garden office is a great solution.